The Executive Haircut   30  

Executive haircuts come with a consultation, shampoo,

​neck shave, hot towel facial (if desired), and style-out.

Men's Regular Haircut    25

​Consultation & Precision haircut.

Buzz Cut                       20

(One guard)

Beard Trim                    8

Under 12                      20

​Head Shave                  35


​Color Shot                    35

​Camouflage grey in 10 min.

​All over                        40

High Lights                   40 & up


60 Min Swedish            75

Walk ins are always welcome or, call to schedule your appointment. Woody's Grooming Lounge men's haircuts.

​214-522-2887 (CUTS)

Men's Haircuts in Dallas

Our Style Tools

Mitch-Tea Tree-Anthony 

Our fine line of products are what we proudly utilize to sculpt, shape, smooth, finish the look that is going to sell you to the world.  Mitch and Tea Tree men's hair care lines are as modern as they get when it comes to achieving all of today's looks from the ultra conservative to the more daring looks of today.  Anthony Logistics for men is a modern, all natural, botanical skincare line just for men.  The amazing scents of these products will leave you floored and feeling like you just left a spa.  Don't let this fool you, however.  There is no artificial anything added to Anthony, not even a fragrance.  See, the scents are even derived from the products' all natural ingredients.  You'll miss out on nothing as Anthony's product line includes everything from cleansers and scrubs to toners, moisturizers, ingrown hair treatments and even body washes and facial oil reducing lotions.  Excellence was the priority in crafting all of these products which can not be found in any drug or grocery store, they can only be found @ fine retailers like Woody's.  



Express Facial                     30

Hot towel treatment, cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

The Executive Facial              45

Express Facial (+) Massage for Hands/Face and Anti-aging Face Mask.

Our Facials are all performed utilizing Anthony Logistics for Men.  

Anthony products are an all natural, all botanical line of men's facial


Hot Lather Shave                40

Hot towel treatment, hot lather, and straight shave is a luxurious way to treat yourself. 


Ear/Nose/Brow                  15(each)

Back                                        45


Body Grooming                   20-50

Removal of unwanted body hair utilizing electric trimmers with 

different lengths.