​appearance was all at once the result of his lifestyle and one of the many designations that were all geared to the attainment of his goal.  

​As you can see, how the male of the species manages his appearance is steeped in anthropological, cultural, historical, and evolutionary implications.  Look at your goals and those who are achieving what you want to achieve. And, of course, do not ignore your own individual inclinations.  Do this and you will have no problem developing your own sense of style.  It does no harm to pick up a tip or two from a magazine.  But, do not give this strategy undue credence or attention unless, of course, you want to become a fashion editor yourself.  

Woody's Grooming Lounge

​Woody's Grooming Lounge men's haircuts are what we are all about.  We strive to meet all of a man's personal considerations for maintaining and perhaps transforming his personal appearance utilizing modern styling techniques, tools, and aids to achieve a classic personal style with a contemporary flair.  The first, and paramount, priority for Woody's is to do all of this in an environment that is clearly geared for the comfort and contentment of a man.  Here, we encourage you to voice your concerns about your appearance, especially if you have been considering trying something that you might have heard about but were a little skittish about approaching in another environment.  Here, no concern or question is silly, especially when it comes to your appearance.  We created Woody's to be an environment for you to be the most important person who walks through our door.


Tuesday through Friday 10am to 7pm;Saturday 9:30am to 6:30pm;Sunday and Monday closed

Our Place

Woody's Grooming Lounge is a great, relaxing place in the heart of Love Field/Park Cities/Oak Lawn.  Come in and get groomed @ your new go to place for looking and feeling good.  

The color, texture, and length of your hair all play a role in how your hair can be styled in order to enhance your facial features.  The choice of keeping facial hair, or not, and how it is groomed, of course, will allow a man even greater options for altering his appearance, how he feels about himself, and how the world perceives him.  Modern techniques like relaxing a curl and hair color further a man's ability to re-characterize his appearance.  Manscaping is a practice that involves trimming, shaping, and creating uniform length on body hair to enhance a man's overall physique.  Back waxes finish off these efforts as men take pride in their appearance from head to toe.  

​Please, for clarification, it is not foppish for a man to be genuinely concerned for his appearance.  Imagine a world where heads of state, CEOs, or media personalities had little or no concern for their appearance.  Anyone who has been in the military or who knows someone who is a US veteran knows the strict guidelines of grooming and dress set for military personnel.  The fact that the mode of dress and appearance is entirely different than what a civilian would utilize is irrelevant.  The point is that there are standards set for appearance, cleanliness, and overall preparedness for any and all situations.  And, a man follows those standards.  As a man follows those standards rigidly from the moment he wakes in the morning until he sleeps at night, along with all of the other responsibilities and challenges he must meet, he develops a pattern of behavior that over time develops into a sense of certainty about himself, a quiet confidence, if you will.  This level of confidence follows him wherever he goes and he doesn't need a mirror to know that it is there.  That confidence is what prevents him from being foppish or overly affected and concerned about his appearance.  Honestly, foppishness is quite unattractive.  Such a high concern for outward appearance with seemingly little concern for anything else has the opposite of it's intended effect and reinforces the lack of security it clearly projects.  To differentiate a man who is quite meticulous about his appearance from this type of guy (in person, of course, the difference is quite obvious, let your imagination run wild) we will simply call him dapper.  If this word doesn't fit into your lingo I am sure you will find some other compliment to pay him when you are talking to him or about him.

Whether they are conscious of it or not, men are hardwired for using tools and wearing uniforms.  And boy, are they creatures of habit.  Observe any man over a period of time and you will see a lot of consistency in his appearance, behavior, and overall lifestyle.  Even the most lackadaisical among us are responding to ingrained habits that are no less powerful than ones that command others to work 12 hour days, pump iron for 3 hours, respond to 911 emergencies, or for that matter, launch military campaigns.  Their tools might be a TV and a couch,  and their uniform a sweatshirt and ball cap, but they are tools and uniforms, nonetheless.  On top of being creatures of habit, men are quite prone to suggestion.  When they embrace concepts that they feel are beneficial to them and those close to them (sports teams, music, career success, financial success, social success, health & fitness) they wholeheartedly, well, launch a campaign.  They read everything they need to read and they buy all of the tools and uniforms they need to have.  Their personal appearance quickly morphs to the demands of this endeavor.  That is 200,000 years of human evolution at work.  If you plan on conquering the corporate world, the music industry, or maybe your an awesome athlete, or an awesome guy who wants to defend this country, you are compelled by the same unyielding impulses that compelled Attila to organize his Huns and attempt to conquer a crumbling Roman Empire during the 5th Century, AD.  Indomitable, Attila was only stopped by an untimely death that historians still argue about the cause of which until this very day.  His whole world revolved around this goal of conquest and no detail was left undone.  Maybe you wouldn't want to wear the same heavy metal helmet that you wore since puberty (it even deformed his skull), or a ferocious looking, untrimmed beard and animal skins with ax in hand ( or maybe you would).  His 

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