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​Modern men have a lot of considerations when it comes to their appearance.  Their busy schedules take them everywhere from the boardroom, business travel, hobbies, athletic activities in and outside the gym, and of course, social events and recreation.  Style considerations can not be high maintenance and they must reflect the versatile and busy nature of ambitious, well rounded men.  Classic styling with a contemporary sensibility seems to be de rigueur for most men and age is definitely not a factor.  Clearly, if it is not blatantly obvious at this point, a modern work warrior (and a playboy, or two) does not desire the old standby of having to mold himself to the considerations of an establishment that he has had to settle for out of some perceived convenience.  He needs an environment that caters to him.  In such a setting, he can let his guard down and be given carte blance to exercise all of his influence on his own unique sense of style.  @ Woody's we invite you to come in and be yourself.-Woody's Grooming Lounge.

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Quality Woody's Grooming Lounge men's haircuts.  Our men's facials and hot lather shaves will relax you and polish up your look.  You will leave Woody's feeling as great as you look.

Quality grooming enhances a man's overall appearance and well-being.  Get groomed @ Woody's Grooming Lounge:  


Woody's takes it up a notch with other services for modern men.  Relax with our massages and don't forget we offer back waxes for men and manscaping.  Here you are the priority @ Woody's.

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Men's Haircuts in Dallas

-Have you been to any of these places?

​Many establishments can provide a man with a haircut.  But, these establishments, in many cases are geared for something other than truly consulting with a man about his wants, desires, and needs for his own personal sense of style.  Sadly, many establishments either insult a man's intelligence or herd them in a high volume experience that will at least start out at a low price and then quickly nickle and dime him if he needs any other services that are actually an integral part of perfecting a professional look that is right for him.  Have you seen any of the attempts to lure a man to patronize an establishment that actually have little to do with actually convincing him that he is going to get a professional haircut?  Scantily clad women offering beer or a "hair salon for men"  that is a loosely disguised, overstated, well, hair salon.  Not that these enticements should prevent them from providing a good haircut, but it makes you wonder why are they trying so hard to convince you to come in.

​Hair salons for men, or for that matter, hair salons do have a place.  Hair salons are designed for the fashion forward mindset.  Remember, though, the whole motivation of fashion is to constantly create cutting edge, avant garde styles so that people who follow that sort of thing are always buying in to it.  The whole endeavor entails experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable.  Much of what comes out of this rarely lasts long enough to evolve into something meaningful and classic.  And if it does, it becomes some juvenile looking trend that really needs to be retired. None of this has anything to do with gender, by the way, it is simply a mindset.  And of course, any hair salon that promises this level of fashion forwardness is going to be placed inside some overstated, palace of a place with the really high prices to match. Again, if this is something somebody is into, by all means there are plenty of places that can cater to that and I encourage them to exercise their prerogative to patronize one of those establishments.  There are some places that will even borrow from the barber shop narrative and twist it around into some "nightclub-like" environment where the music is blaring loud or make it some impossibly overpriced experience that subtly implies that a good haircut is a luxury that is meant for only a select few. 

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